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Death by indifference

How many more tourists have to die, get horrifically assaulted or rapped or just plain robbed blind before the authorities wake up?Take Sunday’s tragedy in the Andamans. It exemplifies everything that is wrong about our tourism industry. Twenty one tourists died after their boat capsized just metres off the Port Blair harbour. Unsurprisingly, the boat was loaded well beyond its capacity. It did not have basic safety equipment, like life jackets. The crew were simply not equipped or trained to tackle an emergency of this kind. On shore, there was no system of emergency response or rescue. As survivors pointed out, many more could have been saved if there had been any sort of help forthcoming. The few who made it survived thanks to the kindness of strangers.The people who died in Andaman were Indian tourists. This means that even the customary flurry of activity on part of the authorities that we see whenever something terrible happens to a foreign tourist and makes its way into international headlines, will be missing this time around.Full report here Business Line 


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