Dealing with the final check-out quite a task for hotels


A few months ago, a middle-aged Swiss national decided to end his life by jumping off his hotel balcony in Pushkar, Rajasthan. After the unsuccessful suicide attempt, which resulted in many broken ribs and multiple fractures, he announced to the doctors the reason for the extreme step: “I am so happy at this point that life cannot possibly have anything more to offer.”

The world over, hotels often play host to guests who check in for their “final check-out”, leaving behind problems for the hotel to deal with.

There are at least 50 to 100 such cases that the top five to six global hotel brands deal with annually, according to Bruce McIndoe, chief executive officer, iJET, a US-based global operational risk management firm. iJET, which also does security audits for hotels such as Starwood group, Intercontinental Hotels and Marriott, among others, also assists hotels in taking the necessary steps when there is an unnatural death in the premises.

Full report here Business Standard 


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