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Chhattisgarh offers ‘Walk with the Tribe’ experience


Chhattisgarh Tourism Board (CTB) aims to promote the ‘Walk with the Tribe’ experience, whereby visitors can go on a nature walk with the learned and local tribal people who have been living there for years.

Talking about the same, Santosh K Misra, Managing Director, CTB, said, “With 80 per cent biodiversity and significant natural abundance, a major focus will be on promoting the ‘Walk with the Tribe’ experience, unexplored tourism circuits, and development of collaboration between the locals and the State Tourism Department. With this, major milestones like job creation in tribal sectors and improved standard of living can be achieved. We also seek to create vistas of awareness for international tourists whom we seek to attract with our engaging packages and specially designed tourism junkets.”

The potential and relatively new source markets from South East Asia, such as Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand are the ones that the Tourism Board is looking forward to tapping. From the domestic market, CTB intends to explore the Buddhist circuit of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, reports Hospitality Biz India.

“This year, we aim to capitalise on our relationship with travel trade associations. Plans are still on and we intend to move head on with our marketing and promotional activities with the onset of the lean season,” stated Misra.


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