It happens only in India

Chhattisgarh district gets more tourists than Taj Mahal?


Does a relatively unknown Rajnandgaon district in Chhattisgarh get more tourist footfalls than famous Taj Mahal or Goa? At least the state’s official statistics claims it but many eyebrows are being raised over the authenticity of these claims.

According to state tourism department’s annual administrative report-of 2014, a baffling number of 2.44 crore tourists visited Chhattisgarh during 2014. This figure is almost close to the state’s present population of 25.55 million, as per the 2013 census, reports The Times of India.

The report also indicates that the an astounding 80 lakh tourists visited Rajnandgaon district, where the Bambleshwari temple is located. Bilaspur and Mungeli districts follow Rajnandgaon with more than 45.2 lakh and 22.6 lakh tourist footfall respectively. Of the total 2.44 core tourists, 7777 were foreigners.


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