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Centre to develop places related to freedom movement in UP

DELHI: In a bid to woo voters, the BJP-led Central government is mulling developing the places related to freedom movement in the poll-bound Uttar Pradesh.

“Tourism Ministry is planning to develop the areas which were associated with the freedom fighters and the countrys Independence movement from 1857 to 1947 in Uttar Pradesh,” a Ministry source said, reports PTI.

The ministry is preparing a list of these sites, which would be over 20 in number, the source said, adding the ministry would also allocate funds for the development of these regions.

The decision in this regard was based on the view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had said freedom fighters must be given their due recognition in the country which attained independence after a long struggle.

The source said the places that could be developed under the programme include Bithoor town in Kanpur district which is known as the centre of Revolt of 1857 as Nana Sahib, a popular freedom fighter, was based there.

Bithoor would be developed as tourist destination with facilities such as light and sound and an tourist interpretation centre.

Kakori town in Lucknow, which became popular for train robbery by people involved in the Indian independence movement in August 1925, is also to be developed, the sources said.

Development plans for Meerut Cantonment areas could also be included in the programme as the region was associated with the Revolt of 1857 with many Indian soldiers stationed there actively participated in the rebellion, the source said.


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