India at a glance

India at a glance
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MN Guides: Kolkata, the most European Indian city

The erstwhile capital of India during the colonial period, Kolkata, earlier Calcutta, is the most European of Indian cities. Scratch the layers of grime,...

Video: Beautiful Bengal, an experience like no other

WEST BENGAL: Located in eastern India, the state has a flavour of its own. From its delicious food to its culture of addabazi (hanging...
madhram malyalam song video

Video: Kerala Tourism launches ‘Madhuram Malayalam’ music video

KERALA Kerala Tourism, along with Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC), has joined hands with singer-actor Sherrin Varghese to launch the music video for the song,...


Srinagar is the capital and largest city in Jammu and Kashmir, India's northernmost state. As the focal point and heart of the valley of Kashmir,...

India at a glance

The magical, mystical, stunning, infuriating, and utterly incomprehensible land of India is at once the hope and despair of humanity. Home to a sixth...

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