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Buy Harley merchandise at Mumbai int’l airport now

MUMBAI: Harley Davidson fans will be able to pick up the brand’s merchandise the next time they take a flight through the Mumbai International airport’s T2 terminal starting March-1.

The showroom will be spread across an area of 500 sq ft with an industrial look, open ceiling, grey walls and box compartments and will house the exclusive Harley-Davidson merchandise. The collections display will include the brand’s riding jackets, boots, helmets, t-shirts, caps, gloves, sunglasses, sweaters and a host of other merchandise and accessories.

This is the brand’s first Alternate Retail Outlet (ARO) in the Asia Pacific region and will not display the motorcycles for sale or service. A press release said that the purpose of this outlet will be to give potential customers a firsthand experience of the brand’s iconic merchandise. The launch of this merchandise-only store will serve as an extension to the cult lifestyle that millions of brand enthusiasts have embraced from around the world.

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