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Bollywood’s Filmcity studio opens to tourists

India is a nation of film lovers and now, to add to their delight – and that of visitors from around the world – Filmcity, an integrated studio complex in Mumbai where hundreds of Bollywood movies are shot every year, is opening up for tourists on Monday.

Two newly introduced tours will take visitors through the studio’s popular locations, allow them to watch filming, narrate the history of the industry and provide glimpses of the elaborately constructed sets.

Omveer Singh Saini, Filmcity’s press officer, is optimistic about the project. “We hope people will take advantage of the tours to experience the film industry from close quarters,” he says. “The two packages available right now are through different vendors, Bollywood Tourism Company and MultilinkWorld, both in collaboration with the state-run Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation [MTDC].”

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