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Betting big on hotel at Aerocity: Cooper

JW Marriott has managed to be the first hotel to open in Delhi’s aerocity after a delay of nine months and budget moving up by Rs 200 crore. The luxury hotel is betting big on its location near the airport and Gurgaon to drive up the overall occupancies. Simon F Cooper, president and managing director- Asia Pacific, Marriott International, tells Ruchika Chitravanshi he finally had a sound sleep with the knowledge that it was safe at last to throw open the group’s hotel at Aerocity to guests now. Edited excerpts:

You have finally opened your hotel in Aerocity crossing all the security hurdles. At one point there was even a suggestion to raze off two floors. Did you find the whole controversy bizarre?
It was a little bizarre since the whole zone was approved. Authorities collectively figured out what was required, but the hotel was still delayed.  As a company we are paranoid about security and we want to secure our guests in every way. But this was a disappointment. The developers made this hotel in record time of 3 months which is really fast by Indian standards. But for six extra months, we had to incur extra costs in paying interests, salaries to 600 associates, maintenance of the property.

Full interview here Business Standard 


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