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Bapu museum to reopen with new attractions

VIJAYAWADA: A high-tech 3D mapping visualisation is a much-awaited feature in Bapu museum which is likely to reopen soon.

The Coastal Museum, housed in an over-100-year-old building, will be thrown open to the public with many new frills, reports The Hindu.

The scene of freedom fighter Pingali Venkaiah presenting a design of the National Flag to Mahatma Gandhi when he came to Bezawada in 1921 in 3-D Visualisation will be one of the big attractions.

The museum structure, which earlier housed the Victoria Jubilee Museum, was built in 1887 and was renamed after the famous Telugu illustrator and filmmaker Bapu.

The lush green lawn and the old tall trees are inviting while the Indo-European architecture of the building is awe-inspiring.

The museum had to be closed a couple of years to facilitate repairs to the old structure. A new structure has come up beside the century-old one as part of the upgradation of the museum as a Coastal Museum.

Beautifully carved marble sculptures of prominent leaders portraying the 1921 flag-presenting occasion dot the old building.

The 3D technology has been brought into play to makes people feel close to reality besides helping them gain knowledge about the significance of this place in the history.

The new building has pre-historic tools, manuscripts, stone cut writings, armours and shields used by kings in addition to idols belonging to the second and third century.


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