What do Bangalorean tourists want?


Gone are the days when tourists enjoyed their destinations from the confines of a bus. Travel agents say the new age traveller wants to merge with the crowd, act like a local, live in caves, walk on the sea bed, cook a local meal and even go volcano climbing.

Personalised holidays are the brand new trend in 2014. Bangaloreans have already started picking the quirkiest of the lot for their summer vacations. While favourite destinations have remained more or less constant over the years, it is what the tourist wants to experiment with that has changed. “We have seen a 35 per cent year-on-year growth in holiday bookings from Bangalore. Internal consumer research has revealed that for the rapidly evolving traveller, travel is a journey of discovering new, off-beat destinations and different, exciting, non-traditional experiences,” said Shibani Phadkar, senior vice president – Leisure Travel (Outbound), Thomas Cook.

Full report here New Indian Express


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