Bangalore to get battery run buses

The city could soon see battery-operated hybrid buses running on its roads giving a much needed boost to efforts to reduce pollution and promoting ecologically sustainable transport and tourism. Batter operated buses can already be seen in some Indian cities. Bangalore has got sanction for 50 such buses, said Anjum Parvez, Managing Director, BMTC.

In the hybrid bus, the battery is charged while the bus moves and when the battery is fully charged, the engine automatically shifts to battery. “We can save at least 30% fuel in the hybrid buses,” Parvez said.

The fully battery-operated bus requires 7-8 hours of charging and can travel 280 km when fully charged.“However, most of these buses have been tested in European countries and we have to see how they fare on Indian roads,” he said. These buses will be put on trial run for three months before a decision to procure the vehicle is made.

Read the full report here, New Indian Express


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