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Bad roads hit tourism in Konkan

MUMBAI: Even though this weekend is long due to festivals, almost all tourist destinations along the Konkan coast have recorded an average occupancy of up to 70% only.

The reason: an increasing number of Mumbaikars seem averse to driving to Konkan because of the bad condition of the Goa highway and the recent bridge collapse on the route, reports The Times of India.

Tourism officials said since it has been raining through the week people didn’t want to take the risk of driving.

Destinations such as Harihareshwar, Ganpati Pule, Ratnagiri, Malwan etc, which see full occupancies during long weekends, have received fewer tourists this weekend. Tarkarli is the only exception, as it has received more tourists.

Meanwhile, the Bhandardara and Malshej roads have been closed for repairs due to risks of landsliding owing to heavy rains over the past couple of weeks.


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