Arvind Kejriwal wants film city in Delhi


In a bid to promote Delhi as the “most-favoured” destination for filmmakers, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday expressed his desire to open a film city and a film institute even as he offered help to the film industry in doing business in the state.

Meeting a delegation of film producers and promoters, the chief minister also asked them to come up with a draft proposal on a film and tourism policy with a good business model, reports Asian Age.

The delegation, led by Film and Television Producers Guild of India president Mukesh Bhatt met Mr Kejriwal at the Delhi Secretariat in order to seek the Delhi government’s support in making the city a film hub.

The other members of the delegation were Ramesh Sippy, Vijay Singh, Kulmeet Makkar, Uday Singh and Uday Pimprikar. The delegation from the film industry told Mr Kejriwal that although they are seen as representing the soft power of the nation and are regarded as its cultural ambassadors, nothing much has been done for them.

“We are the ones who bear the cultural flag of the nation abroad, but are not treated like that. We have come here with great hope and are looking for a partnership. We want Delhi to become the most-favoured destination for film shoots, not only for Indian movies but foreign films too. That would not only make Delhi a film hub, but will also make it a tourist attraction. Tourism gets a great boost from films. Why should we be restricted to Mumbai, Delhi can also be a hub,” the members of the delegation told Mr Kejriwal.


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