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Akurdi animal museum awaits visitors


The Zoological Survey of India’s (ZSI) museum at their western regional centre in Akurdi houses stuffed versions of various endangered, near-threatened species from India and abroad, but fails to attract many visitors.

There have been a mere 1,200 visitors to the museum, till March this year, reports The Times of India.

The museum, which was first established more than 35 years ago, now houses around 200 species in all – one of them being the Panthera pardus pardus, or the African leopard, which was brought here after the Mumbai airport officials confiscated it.

The museum also houses Buceros bicornis or the great Indian hornbill. Both have been classified under the near-threatened category. The other mounted specimens include mammals, birds, crustaceans and insects. The museum also has the only specimen in the country of the giant centipede which was found on the Raigad coast.

The museum also uses preservatives as part of their processes to preserve certain species. It is part of the ZSI western regional centre’s premises where scientists carry on other work.


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