Airlines take a dig at each other over Indigo incident

MUMBAI: When your competitor is in trouble, take a sharp dig. More so in the world of aviation in India. But how will this round go?

On Wednesday, national carrier Air India sprung a surprise by taking a pot shot at arch rival and low-cost carrier Indigo, which many on social media were prompt to call “smart branding” by the beleagured airline, reports The Hindu.

“Unbeatable Service” read a “creative” posted by the Star Alliance member airline, with “beat” highlighted in the two-tone blue shade that Indigo uses in its livery, in a reference to an incident the low cost carrier (LCC) now finds itself embroiled in. Its ground staff at Delhi airport are alleged to have behaved indecorously with a passenger last month, and the case has now gripped the media.

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Another competitor, Jet Airways, was dragged in too, with a “creative” doing the rounds on social media. “Jet Airways – We beat our competition, not you”, it said, prompting the airline to issue a clarification: “Jet Airways did not commission the creative being shared on social media platforms, in [the] context of a recent event concerning another domestic airline. The creative does not reflect our philosophy and ethos and is in fact, in bad taste.”

Air India was quick to tweet one more message that had its mascot, the Maharajah, folding his hands in a namaste: “We raise our hands only to say Namaste”. An Air India official confirmed that the airline had put these out. Both have now been deleted.


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