Airlines find a smart way to cut carbon footprint


go_air_planeWhen Go Air’s two-engine A320 and Air France’s four-engine, double-deck A380 leave their parking bays for the runway, there is a common practice pilots of these disparate aircraft follow. Till the aircraft enter the runway, they are run on only half their number of engines. Passengers barely perceive the difference, but for airlines it does matter: lower fuel consumption and thus a lighter fuel bill, and also reduced emissions.

“Potential fuel savings in terms of carbon emission reduction can be approximately 26,000 kg per aircraft per year,” said Giorgio Deroni, CEO, Go Air. The low-cost carrier operates a fleet of 18 A320 aircraft, which adds up to a total emission reduction of 4.68 lakh kg per year. By a conservative estimate, each Go aircraft would achieve an emission reduction roughly equivalent to 52 Mumbai-Delhi flights.

Full report here Times of India


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