Air India tickets to be in Hindi now!

DELHI: DELHI: President Pranab Mukherjee has accepted the recommendation of the Committee of Parliament on Official Languages for speeches to be delivered only in Hindi by all dignitaries, including the President and ministers, if they can read and speak the language.

Other recommendations accepted by Mukherjee include usage of Hindi on Air India tickets and having Hindi magazines and newspapers on board for passengers as Hindi is “grossly neglected by airlines,” reports The Times of India.

The civil aviation ministry has been asked to restrict this only to the state-owned airline, though the recommendation was to enforce it for all Indian carriers.

Rejected recommendations include mandatory use of Hindi for correspondence in public shareholding companies and all private companies to provide product information in Hindi and product name in Devnagri.

However, as per the President’s orders, all government and semi-government organisations will need to mention products’ names in Hindi.


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