Air India asks pilots to allow jump seats judiciously

DELHI: Air India has asked its pilots to be judicious in allowing airline staff on leave to travel on an aircraft’s jump seat meant for crew members to rest as per a PTI report.

The new report cited an Air India internal circular by AI Director (Operations) Arvind Kathpalia that cited an incident where an airline employee was found asleep on the floor of the business class aisle on a New York- Delhi flight.

Air India had suspended three of its crew members, including two air-hostesses, after the incident.

“This has been viewed very seriously by the airline Chairman and Managing Director (Ashwani Lohani),” the circular said. It added that “Jump seat must not be given to the aged, ailing and children, who are unlikely to take the strain of a long-haul flight.”

Pilots have also been instructed that comfort and sensibility of fellow passengers next to a jump seat should not be compromised.



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