Air India, Honeywell sign MoU


Honeywell Aerospace has signed a memorandum of understanding with Air India enabling the airline to explore how Honeywell’s smartrunway and smartlanding software upgrade can help it increase safety, improve pilot situational awareness and lower cockpit workload across its Boeing 777 fleet. The smartrunway and smartlanding upgrade helps mitigate runway accidents that cost the worldwide aviation industry $1 billion annually for injuries, damage, repairs and inspections.

“At Air India we are constantly looking for innovative ways to bring our passengers new levels of safety and comfort when they fly with us,” AK Mathew, executive director of engineering, Air India, said. “As we expand our network, our pilots are required to fly into an ever-growing number of airports, many of which are continually changing in terms of layout. Smartrunway/smartlanding could make it easier for our pilots to navigate these airports regardless of visibility, and extend passenger safety even further in the process,” he said.

Full report here Hindustan Times 


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