Air-fares set to rise by December: Experts

Air-fares to domestic as well as international destinations are set to rise with the festival season approaching in December, say travel experts. Those planning a holiday ought to either book now or be ready to pay a hefty price for their Christmas and New year holidays. The fares, said travel agents, are likely to be up by 30% by the second week of December and even more during the countdown to Christmas.

Among the domestic destinations, fares to Goa are expected to sky-rocket. “Goa is an eternal favourite during the New Year and both Indian and international travelers flock the destination. Hence, the air-fare to Goa is likely to be as high as Rs 10,000 one way by mid-December,” said a Fort-based travel agent. Air-fares to Rajasthan are also likely rise as many tourists travel to the desert destination during winter.

Full report here Times of India 


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