Air fare from Odisha looks skyward

Flying to New Delhi on Sunday? You could as well fly to Singapore at the same price. With air fare going through the roof, travellers from Odisha have been held to ransom by the airliners operating in the State.

Sample this. The fare for travelling from Bhubaneswar to New Delhi on November 10 ranges between Rs17,000 and Rs 23,000 at the current rate. The fare for Bhubaneswar-Mumbai is in the range of Rs 13,000.

Such has been the rise in air fare that the minimum one has to shell out for travelling to any part of India from the state is around Rs 9,500, barring Kolkata which could cost nothing less than Rs 5,000. The base price is about Rs 4,500 and added to it are surcharges and taxes.

The exorbitant fare has not only put a speed-breaker on the travel plans of the middle class, even business class travellers are worried. “I had planned to fly to New Delhi on Friday night, but my travel agent said it would cost me Rs 34,000. I will travel on Saturday instead, though I will have to pay Rs 13,000 for the fare,” said Sangram Kumar, an entrepreneur.

Full report here New Indian Express 


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