AI won’t get nod to fly Dreamliners in fog?

After overheating, the Boeing-787 Dreamliner aircraft of Air India and other airlines is now facing cold-related issues in Delhi! Japan Airlines (JAL) will from Monday stop using the Dreamliner on the Delhi-Tokyo route and replace it with the Boeing-777 after being warned of ice crystals forming on the aircraft’s General Electric (GE) engines.

And, the aviation regulator has said that Air India is now unlikely to get permission to use the plane in dense fog using instrument landing system category-III. AI’s B-787s may at best be certified for use in Cat-II or shallow fog this winter.

The twin troubles are the latest to hit the brand new aircraft. A senior JAL official said: “The engine manufacturer (GE) has said that engines being used on the Dreamliner and Boeing 747-8 series flying over 30,000 feet may see ice crystal icing (ICI) formation when the aircraft gets in contact with cumulonimbus clouds.

Full report here Times of India


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