AI denies safety concerns on Dreamliners


Despite the windshield cracking and the air panel falling off in the much-hyped Dreamliner, Air India maintains that these issues pose no threat to the safety of passengers, reports CNBC- TV18 ‘s Ronojoy Banerjee.

A senior Air India official told CNBC- TV18 that the engineering department of the national carrier had been directed to monitor the progress of examination being currently conducted by Boeing. “We would absolutely and categorically state that there are no safety concerns in Dreamliner. If there was even a minor threat then it would not have been allowed to fly. Dreamliner continues to be among the best aircrafts in the world,” the AI official said.

The official in fact said that the national carrier would take delivery of the 11 th Dreamliner from Boeing by the end of the month. So far Air India has received 10 out of the 27 Dreamliner orders placed. In fact the delivery of the tenth Dreamliner was done earlier this week.

Full report here Moneycontrol


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