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Adilabad beckons bird watchers

Kawal Tiger Reserve and other wildlife sanctuaries in the district have enormous scope for birding, say bird watchers

As the forests in Adilabad still support a great variety of avi-fauna, inclusion of birding as a component of tourism development will certainly attract more number of visitors, opines the Birdwatchers Society of Andhra Pradesh (BSAP). A group of four of its members from Hyderabad who were on a two-day field trip to Nirmal were surprised to find about 60 different species of birds, including a few rare ones, in just five hours of birding in three water bodies around this town.

The four birdwatchers, Surekha Aithabathula, Jayati Mitra, Sagarika Melkote and Vinay Bhushan Akula spent time at the Khazana cheruvu and Dyangapur cheruvu tanks near Nirmal with their binoculars. “The plethora of water bodies and the greenery here certainly support a great variety and number of avians as assured by one of the senior members of BSAP who had come visiting this place a few years back,” says Mr. Akula, a software professional.

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