It happens only in India

A pilot in want of a destination!


A faux pas by the captain of an IndiGo flight to Kolkata from Delhi on Friday afternoon left fliers confused, the cabin crew fumbling for an excuse and industry experts raising security concerns.

Addressing passengers on flight 6E 203 prior to departure, captain Srikant Patel introduced himself, first officer Pankul Nag and the cabin crew over the public address system and then welcomed everyone on board to Mumbai, reports The Times of India.

Even as the announcement was greeted by incredulous gasps, the captain went on to speak about the weather in Mumbai and wished the fliers a pleasant stay in maximum city.

When the buzz grew loud with passengers wanting to know if they had boarded the wrong aircraft, a flight attendant stepped in and assured them that the flight was indeed going to Kolkata. When the cabin crew alerted the captain about the mistake, he unapologetically announced that the plane would fly to Kolkata and then Nagpur and finally Mumbai.

The captain’s goof-up and the manner in which he then attempted to set the record straight not only left the fliers exasperated, but also raised questions about his alertness.A captain of a private airline said a mistake such as this is extremely unusual as pilots are required to prepare for a flight destination and not simply slip into the cockpit.

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