A new broom

The pleasures of a hotel room are somewhat different, depending on whether you come from an Asian economy or a Western one, and whether you are male or female. If you’ll permit a generalisation or two, here they are. A middle-class man from anywhere will likely feel very little difference in the experience, besides, possibly, fancier rooms. In a hotel his food still magically appears on a plate, and his clothes still magically disappear and reappear, clean, in his closet. He might notice a drop in his bank balance, but that’s about it. A middle-class Asian woman will feel one important difference: she won’t have to supervise staff, or work out the logistics by which that staff will shop for groceries or care for children. For her, being in a hotel is a holiday from the headaches of daily personnel management.

It is probably the middle-class Western woman who really gets to kick back in a hotel, whether on a vacation or on a work trip. No food to cook, no crockery to clean, no laundry or ironing, no vacuuming or dusting, no sewing buttons back on, no picking up and dropping kids. No recipes to research, no grocery shopping, no supplies running out, no appliances to repair.

Full report here Business Standard


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