Food comes first for Indian travellers


Over 99% Indians dine out while travelling and a majority are using the Internet to ensure the same, revealed a survey by travel portal TripAdvisor. The ‘Dining out on vacation survey’ survey, conducted on over 1200 people, found that over 70% researched dining options before taking a trip while 72% relied on online reviews for their choices. Nearly 60% still went the old fashioned way by asking local residents while 48% relied on friends.

Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India, said, “It is interesting to see how Indians have started planning their dining experience well in advance. Yet, we see Indians being safe in picking options when it comes to cuisine and restaurant type as 47 per cent prefer Indian cuisine at a family-style restaurant (31 per cent), and the value for money aspect driving this number with 60 per cent getting influenced by a restaurant promotions or deals.”

While deals are attractive to the value-seeking Indian traveller, they also do not mind spending big amounts on quality dining options. Over 63% were willing to spend between Rs 600-1,500 per person per meal. Fifty-eight per cent get annoyed if the food quality isn’t up to the mark and 23% hate slow or poor service. Ovber half the travellers (57 per cent) have sent a meal back to the kitchen owing to the same. Over 55% have also taken photos of their meals to share it on social media.

Ninety-two per cent respondents said that they made it a point to try signature local dishes to connect with the native culture. Yet, only 33% have taken food oriented trips so far. Over three fourths of Indian travellers also described themselves as self-acclaimed foodies who prefer taste over healthy choices while on vacations. Some 64% said that they make unhealthy choices.

The survey also found that despite the extensive research, only 4% made reservation in restaurants of their choice. TripAdvisor said the same could be a factor of travelers trying out more local outfits than restaurant chains (with only 7% opting diners) that typically encourage reservations made earlier.


Most preferred cuisine
Least preferred cuisine
Indian – 48 per cent
American –2 per cent
Italian – 12 per cent
Japanese – 0.67 per cent
Continental – 10 per cent
French – 0.50 per cent
Most preferred restaurant setting
Least preferred restaurant setting
Family style – 31 per cent
Fast food – 1 per cent
Casual – 18 per cent
Pop-up restaurant – 0.50 per cent
Fine dining – 15 per cent
Food truck – 0.33 per cent

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