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8,387 children create ‘longest’ yoga chain

MYSURU: Mysuru is hopeful of etching its name in the record books as 8,387 schoolchildren formed the “longest yoga chain” in front of the iconic Mysuru palace on Monday for the Guinness World Records.

Whether Mysuru has broken the previous record for the longest yoga chain achieved at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu on November 14, 2014, will be known only after two weeks, reports The Hindu.

But the organisers here are upbeat and certain of setting a new world record since the number of participants was twice the earlier record.

More than 44 schools from across Mysuru took part in the record-breaking attempt. At Sriperumbudur, 3,849 students had created the yoga chain performing three asanas.

As directed by yoga instructors, the children assembled in the forecourt of the palace and positioned themselves in a circular outline. After a rehearsal, two attempts of yoga chain were created for the Guinness record in accordance to the protocols.

The participating children performed four asanas as part of the attempt. They include Veerabhadraasana, Trikonasana, Veerabhadraasana (Type 2), and Prasaritha Padottanasana.

These four asanas had been chosen with an intent to ensure that the participants come in contact with each other for creating the chain.

Deputy Commissioner D. Randeep, who monitored the whole exercise with a team of officials, said two attempts of longest yoga chain had been made and the video-recording of the best among the two will be sent to the Guinness office for the record.

Drone cameras had been used to capture aerial images of the entire event. There were official time-keepers, who monitored the proceedings.

The participants took 10 seconds to demonstrate each asana and all four of them had been completed in 40 seconds. The longest yoga chain performing four asanas was achieved in two-and-a-half minutes. Mr. Randeep said the participants will get certificates if the new world record is achieved. “We have done our best and are confident of achieving a new world record. Let us wait and see. The large turnout of children for this record-breaking attempt was beyond our expectation,” he said.


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