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70% youth plans travel despite economic woes

Thomas Cook (India)s online survey, ‘Through the Crystal Ball’, has found that 70% young Indians will travel on a holiday irrespective of the economy/currency. The Survey identifies emerging trends, opportunities and needs of the emerging Indian traveller via email, web and social media to reach out to this “digital natives” generation.

Young Indian travellers want an option to connect with their travel service providers, online as well as offline with 66% preferring a flexible mix of online and offline touch-points, the survey revealed. Forty three per cent of young travellers make at least one international trip annually and 665 said that they would take two short-haul trips in a year instead of one long-haul trip annually. another 62% affirmed that they were open to spending up to 15% of their annual income on travel.

Over 3,800 respondents were surveyed through ‘Through the Crystal Ball’, administered via Thomas Cook’s social media platforms – primarily Facebook and Twitter, and Thomas Cook’s email database of young independent customers. Respondents, from both metros and non-metros who participated were encouraged to share and refer and received gratification via online travel coupons, redeemable on the company’s portal.

Read the full report here, Travel Biz Monitor


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