46% Indians do not wait for holiday to travel: OYO survey

DELHI: According to a recent survey by budget hotel brand OYO, Indians no longer look for a special occasion or holiday to travel.

Administered to OYO’s select customer-base, the survey received responses from over 800 customers in 180 cities, reports The Economic Times.

83% of respondents revealed that they do not worry about the distance of the travel destination. This suggests that logistics are no longer seen as a barrier and travellers now just like to go with the flow. The survey coincided with Dussehra holidays and was anchored to the theme of employing travel to defeat modern-day evils.

Kavikrut, chief growth officer, OYO, said: ‚ÄúThis survey has helped us identify key travel drivers for different customer-sets and their needs. For example, we inferred that people prefer to travel to Kerala and Manali to combat evils of stress, traffic and pollution. Also, without exception all groups surveyed have displayed an overwhelming preference for natural and serene retreats – highlighting that we travel to escape our hyper-connected existence.”

Apart from 7% travel to pilgrimage destinations, several people love leisure travel through a convenient transportation option to break away from the monotony of urban life. A third of the respondents wanted to go to spend their next vacation on a hill-station but Goa was the most popular travel destination – 25% respondents had it on the top of their wish list.


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