GALLERY: Palate Fest


India’s biggest food festival is how it was positioned. It was a year plus in planning, and the final show must have gladdened the hearts of the organisers.

Organised at Delhi’s sprawling Nehru Park from November 28-30, the inaugural edition of the festival has brought together about 60 participants from Delhi’s food (and some beverage) stakeholders face to face with Delhizens – known for their fondness for food. And yes the food ran out.

That the festival is a welcome addition to the city’s cultural calendar is obvious. What is an even better outcome is the exposure it gives to a diverse set of people to the many new cuisines that are setting up shop in Delhi – and not at their basic, dumbed down, Indianised versions but at a sophisticated level. Just how much of a profit the eateries and shops do here is difficult to estimate – they have paid to participate – but they are sure to accrue many new customers who get a taste of what they could expect when they visit the actual premises.

Next time holds out the promise of much more.

  • The Palate Fest seeks to bring a sampling of the best of Delhi's food to its residents


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