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In March last year, 26-year-old Sonal Agostraa ventured far from the comforts of her New Delhi home to the bone-chilling climes of the South Pole as part of the Antarctica Treaty Expedition 2013 led by polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan. For two weeks, she was part of this expedition, with temperatures dropping well below freezing. At a time when her peers were considering far more comfortable holidays, the techie was instead looking for a heady dose of adventure.

For a country brought up on a staple of package tours and holidays back to the home town, the opportunity to try something new is being grabbed with open hands. Not everyone is going as far as Agostraa; some are taking baby steps with a three- or four-day break from Delhi to Rishikesh and throwing in some adventure sports such as rapelling and white water rafting into the mix. Others are going the whole hog — from four-wheel self-drive expeditions in and around the Zambezi river in Africa to skiing holidays in the depths of Nordic wilderness to watch the Northern Lights.

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